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    Our Vision-woman’s empowerment

Welcome to Growing Opportunity

Growing Opportunity is a microfinance organization dedicated to help the working poor escape poverty. We provide the economic and social tools to enable them building a brighter future. Growing Opportunity aims at empowering individuals, families and communities to build a secure future and has directly benefited many members in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Chhattisgarh through various branches, working predominantly among women.


Flash Report March 2021
Active members : 77174
Total branches : 33
Total States : 3
Loan Portfolio in INR : 147.50 Cr
Total Asset Under Management (AUM) : 147.50 Cr


I am Vijayalakshmi from VIRUTHUGAL Group and come from a poor background. My husband and I worked as labourers at a tailoring shop. At that juncture, my neighbour recommended me to avail a loan from Growing Opportunity for starting a business.  Initially they offered a loan of Rs.10, 000/- to buy a sewing machine and we ran our business from home. As our economic status improved, we were offered a second loan of Rs.15,000/- and we invested the same for purchase of the second sewing machine for my husband. Later we opened a small shop for our business and thanks to Growing Opportunity who offered us Rs.60, 000/- at present, and to grow from a very humble beginning. We have also diversified into retailing of ready-made clothing.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

I am Baby Thatchayani from Jayapuram colony, Tindivanam, and I did my teacher training (D. ED) from a reputed institution. But after my marriage, I worked as a daily wage worker in a tailoring shop along with my mother earning Rs.250/- per day. My husband was a taxi driver in Chennai earning a monthly salary of Rs.8, 000/-. Our children were going to school and we were unable to meet both ends meet. A that time I was introduced to Growing Opportunity by our neighbours and they offered me loans to buy cycles. Later I borrowed Rs.60,000/- for setting up a tailoring shop and in turn have given opportunity to two other employees. Also, I have diversified my business, selling fancy items from the same shop with the help of my husband, who bought a new taxi and has tied up with Uber Travel. Thanks to Growing Opportunity who played a significant role in improving my livelihood and with the diligent follow-up by the GO staff, I can pay my dues promptly.

Mrs. Baby Thatchayani

My name is Asha Vadhwani and I started selling soda in the market for a company and my husband was selling snacks like biscuits, mixture, papad toast and so on, on the roads. Now when we needed financial help to grow our business, the employee of Growing Opportunity introduced us to their company, who offered us a loan amount of Rs.8000/- initially. But since the returns were very less in our existing business, with financial support from GO, we opened a cloth store in the main market area, initially selling dresses for children and later expanded into a complete family store. Now me and my two sons run this business along with a daily needs petty shop. From selling soda I rose to become an entrepreneur and thanks to Growing Opportunity for their support financially and the motivation that enabled me to expand my business.

Mrs. Asha Vadhwani

I am Naveena from Kandamangalam, Senganthal 1 group and I was a vegetable vendor on the streets, before becoming a client of Growing Oppurtunity. My capital investement for the business was Rs.8000/- and my monthly earnings was only Rs. 3000. I suffered initially as I had to take care of  my family with this meagre income. Later when I was introduced to GO, I was given a loan of Rs.30,000/- and we were able to set up a shop for selling vegetables. My monthly earnings  increased  and thanks to GO, as a family we are able to live a better living.

Mrs. Naveena

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